Ultrasound Imaging

Accredited Facility EchocardiographyAt S. Patel Accumed Center, we provide most advanced diagnostic imaging through Infinity Imaging LLC, an IAC Accredited diagnostic imaging service. Infinity Imaging provides a quick, easy, efficient, and professional service for patients and clients amongst the highest standards of quality.

The key to successful treatment or prevention of any illness is detecting an issue before it even becomes an issue, that one physically recognizes. Thus, diagnostic studies are critical in preventing a specific health problem from becoming a serious issue to your life. It is under great regard of the patient that we say treatment of existing medical conditions is most successful when the problem is detected, or diagnosed as early as possible.

Infinity Imaging offers a multitude of affordable diagnostic studies so that any diagnostic need may be fulfilled in one location, at your convenience. All of the diagnostic studies offered may be found on the Infinity Imaging website. All diagnostic studies are covered by most health insurance providers, offering additional convenience to patients.

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