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Maintaining optimal efficiency and productivity are only accomplished when employees are healthy enough to come to work. Corporate health and wellness programs are designed to promote disease prevention, increase knowledge about achieving better fitness and health, and assess risks to individuals. A corporate-sponsored medical screening, whether on-site or off-site, is a time-saving, cost-effective way to evaluate the health of staff members and initiate wellness-based programs.

Corporate health care offers executives and other employees customized recommendations for managing and improving their health as well as addressing stress issues and harmful habits, such as smoking or recreational drug use.

Individualized Health And Wellness Evaluation

During individualized personnel healthcare screenings, each employee gives a complete medical history and undergoes some or all of the following:

  • Thorough physical examination
  • Diagnosis of disease or disorder
  • Risk assessment
  • Age- and gender-appropriate diagnostic testing
  • Consultation with a dietitian
  • Evaluation by a physical trainer

Recommendations may be made for individual follow-up programs to assist in weight loss, stress management, development of an exercise routine or cessation of destructive behaviors. Some services also include access to a team of affiliated medical specialists.

Fitness In The Work Environment

In addition to individual evaluations, corporate health and wellness programs frequently include an evaluation of the workplace environment in terms of light and air quality, noise level and general ambiance.

Recommendations may be made for specific changes designed to make workers more comfortable and efficient. This may include advice on replacing keyboards, headsets or other devices with more ergonomic counterparts.

In some cases, a physical trainer, massage therapist or other healthcare professional may be made available to employees on a regular basis. Where possible, a gym may be set up on-premises or in close proximity to the workplace, both for physical exercise and stress management.

Some corporations may offer electronic devices to employees to help them keep track of their personal eating or exercise routines and offer incentives to workers who participate or excel in company wellness programs.

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