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At Accumed Center we strongly believe in compassionate and all encompassing primary medical care and we make this feasible by ensuring that our entire staff has the patient’s best interests in mind. We are committed to improving the quality of health care for our patients and this is accomplished by offering a complete array of medical and diagnostic services for the entire family such as women’s health, cancer screening, COPD treatment & asthma screenings, electrocardiogram testing, and many more. We also offer aesthetic services such as laser hair removal, botox, varicose veins removal, and much more. Accumed Center provides primary care and additional services in Arlington Heights, Bartlett, & The Greater Chicago area. Our Arlington Heights health center is a primary care Health Center located at 2010 South Arlington Heights Road, Suite 209, Arlington Heights, Il 60005.

Welcome to Accumed Center, your trusted Arlington Heights health center. Our dedicated primary care physician offers comprehensive medical services in Arlington Heights Medical Center, ensuring your well-being is our top priority. Our newest primary care office is located in Bartlett at 385 Bartlett Plaza, Bartlett,  IL,  60103


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Accumed Center, your premier Arlington Heights health center. Our dedicated primary care physician provide a range of services including preventative care, chronic disease management, and vaccinations. We also help with immigration purposes, along with a comprehensive suite of aesthetics, weight loss programs, and much more. With our primary care clinic in Arlington Heights experience the healthcare in a welcoming environment.

Primary Care

Contact Accumed as soon as you start to feel unwell, whether it’s a fever, a cough, or a sore throat. We can assist you in determining what’s wrong with you and speed up your recovery as your primary healthcare doctors. Accumed provides follow-up appointments, sick visits, and annual checkups. For all of your medical requirements, call today to schedule an appointment.

Preventative Care & Wellness Programs

Accumed Arlington heights health center urges you to speak with your doctors and care team and schedule routine checkups. For the benefit of our patients, we think that early identification of medical issues and prompt treatment action are essential. Examples include Annual check-ups, Flu shots, Mammograms, Colonoscopies, and Vaccinations.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease management at Arlington Heights health center entails controlling the signs and symptoms of a persistent illness so that our patients can live fulfilling lives. Our team at arlington heights clinic can help you take back control of your life by managing your chronic disease, which can help slow down the disease’s progression and help control the symptoms.

Allergies & Treatment

There are between 40 and 50 million Americans who suffer from allergies or asthma. Since these illnesses are so widespread, it may seem that any doctor at Arlington Heights health clinic should be able to deliver the most efficient remedies because the diagnosis and treatment are both simple. But allergists are specialists in their profession and have received specific training, which enables them to test and treat allergies.


Vaccines protect against diseases that may be harmful or even fatal. By assisting the body’s natural defenses in developing immunity to illness in a safe manner, vaccines significantly reduce the chance of infection. Infants, children and adults over the age of 65 are currently advised to have a number of vaccinations, including those against shingles at Arlington Heights health center and pneumonia. Accumed’s staff can assist in providing all the necessary immunizations for you and your family.

Flu Shots

The only effective method for preventing the flu in you and your family is to get flu shots at Arlington Heights Clinic. In order to guard against the illness and avoid potentially fatal secondary medical conditions, the CDC advises that everyone 6 months of age and older get vaccinated against the flu at Arlington Heights health center.


Chronic asthma makes breathing difficult because of swelling, inflammation, or an abundance of mucus in the airways. Shortness of breath episodes, chest tightness, and coughing are possible side effects of the inflammation, which can also result in enlargement of the airways and lungs. It’s important to meet with the doctors at Accumed Arlington Heights, Illinois clinic to work with you to assist in treatment.

Citizen & Immigration Exams

Do you need a medical examination required to obtain a green card or citizen status? Be at ease—we can assist! We have aided thousands of people in getting their immigration medical exams at the Arlington Heights Clinic completed correctly, the first time, for over a decade.

Diabetes Management

Because the body is unable to correctly absorb food for use as energy, diabetes is the most prevalent endocrine system disorder and is characterized by persistently high glucose (sugar) levels in the blood. At Accumed, we primary care physicians in Arlington Heights offer knowledge and resources to support you in managing your diabetes.

School physical exams

Before returning to class to start a new term, every student should get their yearly physical. The majority of schools require that a medical form be completed before the kid is allowed to enroll in classes. The child’s health and wellbeing, as well as the health of everyone else in the school setting, depend on the results of this examination.

Nuclear Stress Test

In two convenient locations in Arlington Heights and Bartlett, Illinois, Accumed Center provides a variety of heart exams. conducted by our experienced primary care physicians. We collaborate with you to ensure you receive the information you require if you require several tests or if the findings of your screenings or tests indicate you are at risk for consequences. The nuclear stress test is planned with an eye toward whether your heart is receiving enough oxygen and blood.

Stress Echocardiogram

At Accume, our goal is to provide the most comprehensive information regarding your heart and cardiovascular systems.The stress echocardiography is a test that uses ultrasound imaging and shows us how well your heart muscle is working to pump blood to your body.

Blood Pressure

Our team will create a treatment strategy for the majority of high blood pressure sufferers, which may involve either medication or heart-healthy lifestyle adjustments. You can manage your blood pressure and avoid issues with the assistance of our staff.


The term “hyperlipidemia” refers to an excess of lipids in the blood, including triglycerides and high levels of lipids like cholesterol. It is an all-encompassing name for a number of inherited or acquired illnesses that cause excessive blood lipid levels. We at Accumed are here to make sure you are on a successful route.


Due to the same symptoms of other illnesses, it can be challenging to diagnose COPD. An expert can assist in making sure you receive the proper diagnosis. It’s also a chronic, occasionally challenging condition. You can get the finest management advice from our team medical which has training in lung diseases.


The condition of hypothyroidism is treatable. To comprehend medicine and management, you will need to work with a doctor who has received the appropriate training. You can live a normal, healthy life with careful management and follow-up meetings with our experts to ensure that your therapy is effective.

Aesthetics Medical weight loss program

Accumed’s medical weight loss program is a professionally tested and medically supervised method that aids in helping our patients reach and maintain a healthy weight. It is not simply another diet. On preventive medicine, our specialists concentrate. Our medical staff develops a unique and comprehensive plan for each patient following diagnostic procedures and in-depth discussions with each patient.

Laser Hair Removal

In order to eliminate undesired hair from a specific location while protecting the surrounding skin, laser hair removal uses pulsed laser light. Legs, the upper lip, the chest, the underarms, the back, the bikini line, and the upper and lower arms are common regions for laser hair removal that our team at Accumed can assist with.

Photo Facial

Our skin can become dry and wrinkly due to the sun, strong cleansers, pollution, and age (two of our least favorite words). Thankfully, you don’t have to live with skin problems thanks to Accumed’s intense pulsed light therapy. Our photo facial technology can effectively treat everything from age spots to sun damage.

DOT Physicals

In the world of commercial driving, Accumed Center ensures the vitality of drivers through DOT physical. These assessments, required by the Department of Transportation, gauge drivers’ fitness for the road. From vision tests to managing health conditions, Accumed Center emphasizes the importance of these exams, contributing to safer roads and a resilient workforce.

Dr. Satish Patel

Satish N. Patel, MD

Dr. Satish N. Patel is a Board Certified Family Physician who completed his medical school at Ross University School of Medicine and residency at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital in Hinsdale, Illinois.

Dr. Satish N. Patel is a Board Certified Family Physician who completed his medical school at Ross University School of Medicine and residency at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital in Hinsdale, Illinois. Dr. Patel provides top-notch primary care to his patients and patient’s family members. He is one of the best primary care physicians in Arlington Heights who fulfills the needs of the community by educating his patients and establishing a culture of primary disease prevention.

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