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Accumed Center proudly offers cutting-edge nuclear testing services to the residents of Arlington Heights and Bartlett, Illinois. Harnessing the power of nuclear medicine, our diagnostic services provide invaluable insights into various health concerns. With advanced technology, highly skilled technicians, and a commitment to patient care, Accumed Center ensures precise and trustworthy results for every nuclear test we conduct.

Understanding Nuclear Testing

Nuclear testing, a branch of medical imaging, employs small amounts of radioactive materials (called radiotracers) to diagnose and determine the severity of a variety of diseases. These tests provide crucial information about the structure and function of vital organs, tissues, or bones, allowing for timely interventions and optimal patient outcomes

Key Nuclear Testing Services at Accumed Center

Our facility is equipped to provide a range of nuclear tests, each tailored to provide specific insights:

  • Bone Scans: Identifying fractures, infections, or tumors in the bones.
  • Cardiac Stress Tests: Assessing blood flow to the heart and identifying regions with reduced blood flow.
  • Thyroid Scans: Evaluating thyroid function and detecting abnormalities.
  • Gastric Emptying Studies: Analyzing the speed and efficiency of stomach emptying.
  • Lung Scans: Identifying ventilation or perfusion abnormalities in the lungs

Why Choose Accumed Center for Nuclear Testing?

  •  Safety First: While using radioactive materials, our utmost priority remains patient safety. We ensure minimum exposure and follow strict protocols for a risk-free experience.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We invest in the latest nuclear imaging technologies, ensuring clarity, precision, and accuracy in every test.
  • Experienced Team: Our nuclear medicine specialists bring extensive knowledge, ensuring that every procedure is conducted with skill and care.
  • Timely Results: Understanding the importance of swift diagnostics, we strive for prompt results without compromising on accuracy.

Schedule Your Nuclear Test with Accumed Center Today!

If you’re seeking comprehensive nuclear testing services, trust the professionals at the Accumed Center. We are dedicated to providing our patients with detailed, accurate, and swift results to ensure timely and appropriate medical interventions.

To schedule your nuclear test or for more information, call us at (847) 259-8777. With the Accumed Center, you are choosing excellence in nuclear medicine, ensuring your health remains in the best hands.


At Accumed Center, our commitment to state-of-the-art nuclear testing services is unwavering. We continually upgrade our methods, equipment, and training to offer our patients the pinnacle of nuclear diagnostic services. Trust us for thorough examinations, expert analyses, and a patient-first approach in every aspect of care.

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